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Basically I'm not submit "Design" works here. because design has many different concepts and themes from my personal works. you can see my design and commission works in My website
(because of NDA I'm not write design&illustration experience for Movie, Company business and Japanese Game here)

:bulletblue:Avarice In Audio “Anthracite Nights EP” cover design(Australia)
:bulletblue:Daily Deviation feature on DeviantArt
:bulletblue:AL Sharif Music producer/DJ logo design(USA)
:bulletblue:Al Sharif “Funk You” cover design (USA)
:bulletblue:Prozium “Plastic Planets EP” cover design (Australia))
:bulletblue:Element of Chaos “A new dawn” album design(Italy)
:bulletblue:Studio-X vs. Simon Carter “Sunrise” EP cover design (Belgium and Australia)
:bulletblue:Növö “The Shortwaves” album design(Belgium)
:bulletblue:Avarice in Audio “Crystal Tears” EP cover design (Australia)
:bulletblue:Letters To The Living – self titled album “Letters To The Living” cover design(USA)
:bulletblue:Element of chaos "A new dawn" album design(Italy)
:bulletblue:AL Sharif & AJ Afterparty “Depths” cover design(USA)
:bulletblue:Release Da Kraken – Game clan logo design(Germany)
:bulletblue:Short and Crunch website design, coding and custom made wordpress theme (Germany)
:bulletblue:Psy’Aviah “Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars” album design (Belgium)
:bulletblue:Entrzelle “Total Progressive Collapse” album design (USA)
:bulletblue:ELM album “Hardline” and “Edge” EP design (Sweden)
:bulletblue:Ayria “Paperdolls” album design (Canada)
:bulletblue:Avarice In Audio - Apollo & Dionysus album design(Australia)
:bulletblue:Parasite Of God “Outcasts and Freaks” album design (Sweden)

:bulletblue:Suicidal Romance “Love Beyond Reach”, “Shattered Heart Reflections” and “Memories Behind Closed Curtains” album cover artwork (Estonia)
:bulletblue:Real Synthetic Audio – Radio&podcast logo design (Canada)
:bulletblue:Daily Deviation feature on DeviantArt
:bulletblue:Psy’Aviah “Never Look Back Words” EP cover design (Belgium)
:bulletblue:Dream Reall “Waves” EP cover design (Australia and Netherlands)
:bulletblue:Freakangel “The Show Of Violence” cover design (Estonia)
:bulletblue:Candor "Holpen" cover design(USA)
:bulletblue:Avarice In Audio "World Without Song EP" cover design (Australia)
:bulletblue:Studio-X vs. Simon Carter “Ad Astra Volantis” design (Belgium and Australia)
:bulletblue:Zombie Girl “Killer Queen” design (Canada)
:bulletblue:Avarice In Audio logo design(Australia)
:bulletblue:Studio-X vs. Simon Carter “Dance With Me ‘Dance With The Devil’ EP” cover design (Belgium and Australia)
:bulletblue:Zombie Girl “Panic Attack EP” cover design (Canada)
:bulletblue:Avarice In Audio “Bleed As One EP” cover design (Australia)
:bulletblue:Dream Reall “In control EP” cover design (Australia and Netherlands)
:bulletblue:Daily Deviation feature on
:bulletblue:Acrassicauda “Gilgamesh” artwork and design (Iraq)
:bulletblue:Interview at Art&Culture magazine T-Arts (Germany)
:bulletblue:Endzeit Bunkertracks [act 7]
-compilation album by 118 bands- artwork and design
(Belgium and worldwide many bands)
:bulletblue:Acylum “Pest” artwork and design (Germany)
:bulletblue:Essence of Mind “The break up!” artwork and design (Norway)
:bulletblue:Cynical Existence “We are the violence” artwork and design (Sweden)
:bulletblue:Suicidal Romance “Rêves & Souvenirs” cover artwork (Estonia)
:bulletblue:Grudge Connection “Animachine” cover artwork(Italy)

:bulletblue:Synchlora “Begins” artwork and design (Germany)
:bulletblue:Cryptic Lane website design, coding and custom made wordpress theme(Germany)
:bulletblue:Cryptic Lane “Cryptic Lane EP” artwork and design (Germany)
:bulletblue:Sarcophagic “Birth of the Betrayer” artwork and design(USA)
:bulletblue:Avarice In Audio “Shine & Burn” artwork and design(Australia)
:bulletblue:Psy’Aviah “The Xenogamous Endeavour” artwork and design(Belgium)
:bulletblue:Mentallo & The Fixer “Zothera” artwork and design (USA)
:bulletblue:Daily Deviation feature on
:bulletblue:Capture music & video promotion management logo design(Italy)
:bulletblue:Grudge Connection web design and coding(Italy)
:bulletblue:Xperiment XIII Web design and coding. custom made wordpresss website(Australia)
:bulletblue:Space-Art Webzine
:bulletblue:Avarice In Audio “Frostbite” EP artwork and design(Australia)
:bulletblue:Cryptic Lane logo design(Germany)
:bulletblue:Doux magazine(Argentina)
:bulletblue:Avarice In Audio logo design(Australia)
:bulletblue:Mondträume “Empty” artwork and design(Spain)
:bulletblue:Aengeldust “Freakshow” EP artwork and design(Germany)
:bulletblue:Cynical Existence “Erase Me” EP artwork and design(Sweden)
:bulletblue:Kult of Red Pyramid “Broken Mirror” artwork and design(Croatia)
:bulletblue:Neuro-Sentence “The Shores Of Anhedonia” artwork and design(USA)

:bulletblue:Midnight Orchestra logo design(Brazil)
:bulletblue:Mondträume “Life is short” EP cover design(Spain)
:bulletblue:Mega*Zine Lost & Found(Poland)
:bulletblue:Virgins O.R Pigeons “Gotta Get Mad” artworks and design(Greece)
:bulletblue:Totem Obscura vs. Acylum “Forgotten Time” artworks and design(Germany)
:bulletblue:Totem Obscura vs. Acylum “Waldgeist” EP artworks and design(Germany)
:bulletblue:Tabou Éditions “Médium” Book cover(France)
:bulletblue:Artizen Magazine
:bulletblue:Freakangel “The ones to fall” CD artworks and design (Estonia)
:bulletblue:Freakangel “The book of violence” EP CD artworks and design (Estonia)
:bulletblue:Cynical Existence “Erase,Evolve and Rebuild” CD artworks and design (Sweden)
:bulletblue:Uma Linda Mulher Logo design (Brazil)
:bulletblue:Wi digital logo and advertisement poster design (Brazil)
:bulletblue:Tayo “Inception” logo design, CD artworks and design (Brazil)
:bulletblue:Implant “The productive citizen” CD artworks and design (Belgium)
:bulletblue:Cryptic Lane “Signpost” CD artworks and design (Germany)
:bulletblue:Daily Deviation feature on

:bulletblue:Inside artzine(Germany)
:bulletblue:Crazy look magz (Netherlands)
:bulletblue:The Goblin Market
:bulletblue:Anormalmag (Chile)
:bulletblue:Bedeceived “The mystery deck” design and illustration(USA)
:bulletblue:Daily Deviation feature on
:bulletblue:Mari Chrome “Toxic” EP CD artworks and design (Germany)
:bulletblue:Mari Chrome “Georgy#11811″ CD artworks and design (Germany)
:bulletblue:Gensou gisaku Indie card game illustration (Japan)
:bulletblue:The horror zine (USA)

:bulletblue:Creators bank Interview vol.013 (Japan)
:bulletblue:Hyakki Yako Exhibition (Japan)
:bulletblue:Catapult Art Magazine (USA)
:bulletblue:Innovated Magazine – Cover & Artist of the Month (USA)
:bulletblue:Daily Deviation feature on

:bulletblue:Drawgasmic Exhibition and the Book (USA)
:bulletblue:Started making Photomanipulation Art

:bulletblue:Started learning art by self-taught

:wave::wave::wave:Thank you for visiting my page!:wave::wave::wave:

7th Daily Deviation! Thank you!!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 22, 2016, 5:26 AM
Grave of society by SheerHeart
Thank you very much again :iconerikshoemaker: and DeviantArt :hug:

I'm still busy with many design project works etc. but I'm going to try to make new artwork soon! I think I can show it next mouth or so... :D

And I'm going to try to write journal about "useful book and tool about art&design" when I have time. DeviantArt gives me really really many art feeling and techniques, so somehow I would like to share my knowledge here.

Have a great art day :heart:

Tomoki Hayasaka


Tomoki Hayasaka


Tomoki Hayasaka is a self-taught artist and designer from Sendai, Japan. He makes surreal-conceptual art and design. His art expresses the feelings that is common to human being.
He studied law in school days. and school doesn't have art class and design class. he saw art of Zdzisław Beksiński by internet in 2009. got many inspiration from Beksiński art. and he was interested in art from this time. he did not know surreal artists by this time. and began making and studying art and design. his textbook was only Internet. he has been influenced by the deviantART particular.
He experienced earthquakes and tsunami in Japan 2011. and saw the lot of death and grief, so his recent art thinks about “Life and death”.
He has been making many commission works from all over the world since 2012. designs for Music, Logo, Web etc.


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